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As We Migrate To A New Platform After A Long Hiatus


That was a long hiatus! After so many life changes that happened to us here at The Midwest Outpost. Oh, wait.... we're no longer the Midwest Outpost. We have relocated to the Florida Panhandle. So, now we are.... I dunno. "The Emerald Coast Outpost."

Catchy. I like it. Also, our governor is pretty cool, right?

Its been so long, I won't bother trying to pick up where we left off. I'll just mention a short list of happenings since last we visited:

  • Moved to Missouri, about an hour outside of St Louis out in the woods. It was horrible. Couldn't grow much in that soil--if you can call it "soil." I don't recommend it.

  • Moved back to Indiana, lived a Bohemian lifestyle in an apartment above a storefront in downtown Madison. Kinda cool. Also kinda small.

  • Trump got elected, to almost everyone's surprise. The economy soared, and everyone started to feel like things were going to be okay for the first time in a decade.

  • Decided to make a long-standing dream come true, and we moved down to sunny Florida, got an apartment there and used that as home base to start scouting for the "Forever Home."

  • Covid-19. Round one. Mandated restrictions tanked the US and Global economies. Oil was worth $0.00, briefly.

  • Purchased "Forever Home" during the first wave of the pandemic.

  • Covid-19. Round two, and this time I caught it. Shockingly, Mrs. Prepper did not.

    • It sucked. I give it 0 out of 5 stars. Hands down the worst flu I ever got. But I survived.

    • We still have not elected to receive any vaccination for this corona virus. This is a personal choice.

  • We bought a pontoon boat.

  • Hurricane Sally happened. Carried our boat from its secure trailer to someone's front yard, about 900 yards away from where it was supposed to be at the marina. This is a fun story, and I'll include it in a separate post.

  • Crazy Uncle Joe got elected, to the collective "Hmm?" of most of the country. Certainly the mail-in-voting was totally secure, right? Right? Right.

  • Covid-19 happened yet again, making its way through the first half of the Greek alphabet. People became weary of the constant mask wearing, blathering on of certain governors, mayors, some guy named Fauci and one president, who never seems to know how to complete a sentence without wandering off into another realm.

  • Putin invaded Ukraine, which has sent oil, gasoline and natural gas prices to levels not seen in 15 years, and it hasn't improved much.

There. I think we're caught up. Through all of this, we have still maintained our prepper values, always looking for opportunities to put ourselves and our family in the best possible situation for those difficult times, a lot of which we are seeing now:

  • Fuel prices are ridiculously high.

  • Inflation is screaming upward

  • Food prices are insane

  • Empty shelves in the grocery stores

  • Anyone tried to buy a new or used vehicle lately? How was that sticker shock?

The past couple of years has been like Jimmy Carter 2.0.

While stocking up on food stores is always a good idea, a better idea is to learn how to grow your own vegetables and medicinal herbs. This is more of Mrs. Prepper's line of expertise (and she is very well read on the subject). With this being the beginning of Spring, we thought this would be a good time to talk about this.

Mrs. P started early this year, gathering up her seeds (heirloom, of course) and getting them in early grow pods to begin sprouting. And she's been hatching guacamole seeds (avocados). We purchased a couple of small, stainless rack shelves and some grow lights. Which not only assists in getting the needed sunlight to the seedlings, it also makes the room look really groovy at night.

More to come. We're just getting started.

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