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A Scripture Reading Regarding Family Preparedness

There is much discussion and debate on the topic of using Scripture to justify family preparedness. While there are plenty of references in the Bible in which we can interpret that we are being told directly to prepare, others suggest that it is sinful because when you engage in "prepping" you are not trusting in the Lord to fulfill your needs.

We won't get into the pro's and con's of this argument here. I can see both sides. I will say that while we engage in family preparedness here at The Outpost, we do so with a loving and giving heart. We feel that it is not only important to be able to provide for ourselves in times of need, but it is also important to be generous with what we have, and with what we have learned.

"A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences."

What this Scripture means to me is that there are, and always will be, two types of people on this earth. 1). Those of us who walk with clear vision and reason, not fooled into a state of complacency. Those of us who put our faith in only God, and are suspicious of the words of politicians, news media and others. 2). Everyone else.

Sadly, the majority of our population falls into the second category, having been blindly or willingly led down a path of lies. "Everything's fine." "If anything happens, my government will take care of me."

The rest of us can see the dangers that lay ahead, given the trajectory in which we are moving: rapid inflation, higher interest rates, higher food prices, higher fuel prices and not to mention the decline of morals in general. We can see this path as unsustainable. And with that vision, we have within us a responsibility to set our sights on preparing for what certainly seems like an inevitable crash.

In this Scripture, it seems we have a simple choice: Will you be the prudent man, or will you be the simpleton?

Thanks for stopping by! There will be more to come.

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